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Redefining Superman Part Nine

Redefining Superman

Chapter 9

   "You really think we can trust this guy to help us keep an eye on Bunso?" Evan Robertson, Meredith's new FBI partner wasn't exactly happy with her suggestion that they turn Ozzie Bunso loose and see where he went and who he made contact with, or even who decided to kill him for ratting out the new Crime Kingpin.
"I think this world is in a terrible fix now that our top champion is out of the picture and we need to start looking at others to fill the gap left in his retirement." Meredith was doing everything she could to keep her fellow FBI agents and supervisors from guessing that she had any personal involvement with this newest of "crime fighters" who'd only recently appeared in their city's night life.
"It's worth a try." These words came from their direct supervisor, Assistant Agent in Charge Rebecca "Becka" Swan. Her father, Curt, had been a top figure in the FBI most of his life and all of hers, and was now retired. His daughter, Becka, had risen through the ranks of this federal organization all on her own merits, much to the disgruntlement of others who had been around longer, but had never applied themselves in the same manner. "Call him and let's see where this takes us."
Meredith held her hand out to her partner for the cell phone number he'd been given earlier that same morning. Robertson reluctantly handed over the Post-It note with the ten-digit number written on it.
Meredith concealed her smile as she punched in the buttons on her FBI-issued smart phone and was surprised when the call was answered after only one ring.
"Speak to me," the hollow voice on the other end said in a flat tone.
Meredith shook her head at the way her husband had answered this call. She wondered if it was because he knew it would be her calling or if this was how he had decided to always answer the calls on this number?
"Special Agent Meredith Montgomery of the FBI. Is this Solar Eclipse I'm speaking with?"
"That's affirmative, Special Agent Montgomery," he responded with clipped words, but not in an unfriendly manner. "What can I do for you?"
"We'd like to run something by you and see if it's possible for you to assist in an investigation," she informed him. "Are you willing to meet us at the FBI Federal Building uptown in say, half-an-hour?"
"I can be there a lot faster than that," he almost chuckled, but didn't know if anyone else was listening in on their conversation.
"Whatever time you get here, as long as it's within half-an-hour, is fine." She disconnected the call without saying "good-bye".
"He's on his way," she looked at her supervisor and the others in the room.
"Then I guess we should discuss exactly how..." Becka Swan's statement was cut-off by shouting in the hall. They all turned toward the door, wondering what was going on.
"Who are you?" someone shouted out.
"You can't just stroll through here that way," came another voice.
"Do you have clearance to be up here? Where's your visitor's ID?" asked yet a third person.
Becka Swan stepped out into the hallway to see what was happening. A tall, muscular man dressed in a dark-hued action outfit strode purposefully along the corridor toward her. She smiled slightly and shook her head, though something inside of her produced a tingling sensation that shot through her in every way.
"You must be..?" she held out her right hand as he approached.
"Solar Eclipse," he spoke clearly and she wondered where the sound was coming from, since it was obvious there was no opening for his mouth. "Though you can shorten it to simply 'Eclipse' if that helps."
Becka Swan ushered her guest into the meeting room and made introductions to all the other agents present. Meredith smiled slightly as she shook his hand and pretended not to know him any better than the others.
Becka instructed Meredith to take the lead and explain to their guest what it was they had in mind. Meredith was only too pleased to do so, knowing this leadership role would place her in even better standing with everyone above her in rank, of which there were far too many at the moment. She knew how well this "Eclipse" could deliver on his promises to them and felt a promotion wouldn't be too far in the future for her already.
"I thought I would keep in constant contact with you on your cell," Meredith finished up at the end of her explanation. "That way once the other cars are ditched by anyone noticing them tailing the target subject, Robertson and I will still be close by, keeping our distance as you surveil the suspect from, well, however it is you say you can do it."
"I'm quite adept at flying," Eclipse had been leaning back against a table as he listened to the details of the plan explained to him. "It will be easy enough to keep my eyes on this - Bunso - and not lose sight of him."
"How do we know you can actually see someone from a great distance?" Robertson spoke up, wondering if anyone else in this room was as suspicious of this neophyte "hero" as he was.
Solar Eclipse turned his head slightly so he looked straight at the FBI agent who so obviously had a chip on his shoulder over allowing not only a "civilian", but a brand new "vigilante do-gooder", as he had often heard his type of Super referred to over the years, to get involved in an ongoing FBI investigation of such magnitude as this was turning out to be.
"You have a small sparrow tattoo on your left forearm," Eclipse spoke quietly, but firmly, not altering his stance in the least, "indicating most likely that you served in the Navy, since the sparrow is special to such members of our armed services. Also, lest you think perhaps I somehow accessed your personnel files, you have three freckles arranged in a triangular pattern on your right buttock and a scar..."
"All right," Robertson snapped almost angrily, causing everyone else present to at least snicker, if not outright laugh out loud. "Enough with the parlor tricks. Having x-ray..."
"Penetra-vision," Eclipse interrupted.
"What?" Robertson looked even more irritated.
"I prefer 'penetra-vision' to 'x-ray-vision'. X-rays sound so dangerous and thus far there's nothing dangerous associated with my unique vision.
"Now, if you believe I can't see great distances..." Eclipse gestured toward a window in the far wall. "Take a look down the block to the north." Everyone crowded about the two windows and lifted the blinds to see outside as best they were able. "There's a cab driver who just hit the rear end of another vehicle. It's all about three city blocks down and won't be easy to spot from here, but you should be able to see the cars at least.
"Uh-oh. The driver of the front vehicle, the one who was hit, doesn't look too happy with the situation. Excuse me a moment, will you, folks?"
In a blur of motion the Super vanished from the room. A few seconds later he appeared three blocks down to the north and stepped between the two drivers, his arms out-stretched as he held them away from one another. A few minutes later he was back in the conference room with amazed expressions all staring at him. Meredith looked more amused than awed by his performance and Robertson still looked upset, but at least his ire was ratcheting down a few notches.
"All right," Becka Swan nodded in approval, "Let's get this show on the road and see what kind of birds we flush out." Talk about mixing metaphors.

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