Thursday, July 21, 2011

Redefining Superman Part Twenty

Redefining Superman

Part 20

He didn't know how long he had been trapped this time, but Eclipse  knew that if he didn't get out of this situation soon the Earth he had given up his identity to protect would be overrun by alien creatures that were not only a lot stronger than the average human, but far more savage as well. These beasts would as soon eat a human live and watch him suffer as parts of him disappeared down their gullets than to kill their victims outright. He couldn't allow that to happen.
He had continued struggling, both mentally and physically, but so far he had made no progress. He did, however, notice that at times the energy seemed to weaken a bit as the slight aural glow would flare up, making it easier to see in his peripheral vision, then subside to where he felt as though if he had only known that this lack of energy was about to occur, he could possibly exert himself just then and become free.
He had begun counting the seconds between the surges, which had either begun happening more often or he was noticing them more readily. After a bit he thought he had it down to every three minutes and thirty-three seconds, but while he was waiting to see if his assessment was correct, one of the Mar 'doxxals slithered into his field of vision. The creature looked him over thoroughly and had Eclipse known their physiology better, he might have thought the alien had leered or grinned at him, but he couldn't be certain. A face like that was difficult in distinguishing certain features. Smiling was one of them, regardless of the intent behind the smile.
The Mar 'doxxal moved closer, reached up to poke him in the chest with the digit of its large, meaty hand, but as the "paw" came close enough to touch him the energy field his body was enwrapped in surged outward, shocking the beast. The creature leapt back, holding its injured paw with the other and jumping around as though the energy shock had seriously hurt it. Score one for CereB.O.R.G. for protecting him against the alien's minions, even if it wasn't an intentional protection.
The stupid beast finally ceased hopping about and moved closer to him once more. It actually reached toward him again - with the same hand - with the same results. This time the beast had received possibly less of a shock, since it had pulled its massive paw back faster as it reached forward to poke him in the chest, but it still had gotten shocked.
These creatures were smarter than the swamp reptiles of Earth, weren't they? He had always thought they were, and yet, this one seemed to prove the opposite view, that they weren't any more intelligent than a dog that had chased cars too many times - and caught up with them when they stopped suddenly.
The Mar 'doxxal moved about the space before him, its body hunched over as though it were conceiving some sinister plan of world domination, though Eclipse now surmised that wasn't a possibility. The creature then swiftly snagged a rock lying on the ground and flung it at him. The small projectile struck his body, but was deflected away by the energy field with an even larger surge of power loss about him. That time he had seen the flashing energy further into his field of vision and the force controlling his imprisonment seemed to waver a bit. Could it be that the aliens' actions were weakening the field about him? Or was the field only interfered with momentarily as the rock struck and its integrity uncompromised for more than a split second?
He was about to find out as the alien beast searched for more rocks and began heaving them one-after-the-other at him, each one striking and bouncing away, each time causing the energy to flare up with sizzling sounds as of some poor, pitiable creature such as a rabbit coming in contact with an electric fence on its travels.
Soon the Mar 'doxxal seemed to run out of rocks, since the effect of the energy burst began pulverizing each missile as it struck its target. The beast looked about and picked up a small boulder that had almost seemed to be part of the wall, but turned out to be loose. The alien creature hefted the rock up over its head and heaved it as hard as it could. The rock, which was at least three-feet across and weighed approximately two-hundred pounds, struck Eclipse full-on. Not only did the "torpedo" interfere with the energy flow that was holding him prisoner, but managed to have enough force behind it to push the statue-like hero backward. Something broke within the energy field and Eclipse could sense when it happened. He exerted all his own energy in breaking free from his bondage and was somewhat surprised when it worked.
He felt weakened beyond belief as he stumbled forward, but at least he was free. Eclipse looked up at the creature standing before him and thought the beast seemed as surprised at the outcome as he was. Not wanting to give the beast any time to think the matter through, he reached over and snagged the last rock thrown at him that had been reduced in size by its contact with the energy field, but not completely pulverized the way the smaller rocks had been. He flung it with a side-arm pitch and watched as the missile struck its target dead-center. The beast, surprised at the blow to its body, was flung back against the far wall.
Eclipse knew he couldn't rest on that move alone and rushed forward, his fists pummeling the alien one-blow-after-another, raining down pain on the creature until it succumbed to his greater force and slumped to the ground unconscious.
Eclipse stood to his full height, his hands yet clenched into fists, his lungs heaving in exertion. He couldn't recall the last time such a fight had caused him to breathe hard, but he knew he was weakened both by his lack of yellow solar radiation and the red sun energy that had kept him entrapped for so long. He needed sunlight and he needed it soon, but first he had to determine where the exit to this underground mausoleum was. That wasn't going to be as easy as he had previously thought.

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